Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yin passes to Yang - he shoots, he scores!

Well, we woke up Nugman, and its about time.

It's a lot more fun around the Blueshirt Brothers offices when Nugs jumps ugly about the Rangers. Like us, he loves his team and when he feels something is wrong - he let's us know exactly how he feels about it.

Usually Nugs has more hockey smarts than I do - but on a couple of points here, I have to disagree.

  • First of all, Yin and Yang? Weren't they the starting defensemen for the Chinese Olympic Hockey team in 1996? I think Yin was the pure defeseman and Yang used sneak up and get involved more in the offense.

  • You want more consistency in our roster? You've got to be kidding me. You want to go to war with last year's team? You're upset that we're remaking our team this year? Honestly - you'd rather skate out for a do-over of game 7 against the Caps with last year's team? I don't like Brashear one bit - but if he was on our side we'd have fared better against the Washington. And with Gaborik we'd have a chance to score a couple of goals. And with Higgins and Kotalik don't you think we'd have notched a powerplay goal or two? Next time the Rangers are in a fire fight - it sure would help to have a few guns.

  • Gaborik a bad move? I will grant you he's fragile - but who did you think the Rangers were going to get? Ovechkin? Malkin? When Gaborik is healthy (a big if I know) he's right up there with those guys.. If Gaborik came without flaws - he wouldn't be available for 7.5 million. And the Rangers could sit back and wait for his price to come down - the other teams were waiting - that's why we got him. I know with his health it's a crapshoot - but Gabby was one of the top 3 UFAs out there and we got him. He gives us a punchers chance against anyone. Hell, I'll take 40 games with him - if that includes the playoffs.

  • Keep Zherdev? He played 7 playoff games - he stayed healthy for the whole series - and contributed zero goals. Nothing. And this is a series when one more goal could have gotten us into the 2nd round. Look, the guy can play - but he can also disappear for shifts, games, and weeks at a time. He's just not a good fit for Torts - who had to bench him once for not hustling back on defense. So I'm fine with letting him go. The Rangers tried to sign him - he just priced himself out of our market. And if we had signed him - he would be another Glen Sather overpayment.

  • On building a champion over time - I understand this - but you could have kept last year's team together for 10 years and I don't see how they could score enough goals to win. Last year's team strength was our Penalty Kill. This year we may actually score some goals. If we get a good nucleus in here and then Sather rips that apart - then I'll agree with Nugs. But you can't blast last year's team and them blast Sather for breaking them up - that's not fair.

  • But on the plus side I am 100 percent with Nugs and Ray on Betts and Brashear. It is a horrible message to send to the team - hiring the thug and firing his victim. And worse - as I've mentioned - it sends a message to every goon in the NHL: injure a Ranger and you'll get a contract from Glen. Betts was our best PK guy - maybe ever - and letting him go is just dumb.

Okay that's enough for starters. Let's hope that Nugman sees this and Yins us another one out the Yang. It's more fun that way.

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