Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rangers Get Their Sniper!

Well, that didn't take long. The Rangers finally got the big time Goal Scorer they have been searching for. They have signed Marian Gaborik, a free agent from the Minnesota Wild, to a five year deal worth $7.5 million per year.

Gaborik was injured last year - missing several months with hip surgery. But when healthy the 6'1" Czech Right Winger adds some big time offense. Look at his 2007-2008 stats (and for fun I will compare them to our best player from last year):

  • Goals: 42 (in 2009 - our best was Naslund with 24)

  • Assists: 41 (Gomez had 42 last year)

  • Points: 83 (Gomez and Zherdev had 58 points last year)

  • Plus Minus: +17 (Callahan led the Rangers with +7)

In his NHL career Marian has 437 points in 502 games. In other words - if he stays healthy and returns to form, Gaborik instantly becomes our best offensive player by a wide margin. Think of his salary as a trade for Gomez. We went from $7.4 to $7.5 million per year and, man, did we ever upgrade.

A good move by the Rangers.


And for the record - I completely agree with Nugman about Brashear. The man is a thug. And after what he did to Blair Betts - how can you let this man in our locker room? How can you pay him? And how in the world can you ask Blair Betts to come back to NY and play alongside him?

Terribe, terrible move by Sather and the NY Rangers. I love what they did with Gomez, I like what they did with Gaborik, but this is really bad.

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