Friday, May 8, 2009

Zherdev Handed Tough Break (he breaks his hand)

Nik Zherdev, the Rangers' enigmatic Russian right winger - otherwise known as Nik Z. (not to be confused with Nik A. - who is Nik Antropov - the Rangers other enigmatic Russian right winger) broke his hand this week while playing the Russian Hockey Federation in the Hockey World Championships. Well, at least one Ranger was still in the playoffs this week...

Zherdev, a free agent, tied last year for the Rangers lead in points with 58, and had the second highest plus-minus on our squad with +6. The injury is a broken bone in his left hand. Great timing for Nik Z. who will not only miss the remainder of the World Championships - but now enters into Free Agent negotiations with the Rangers as an injured player. Maybe this gives us a little advantage in trying to re-sign him.

Nik spoke to the Russina news media. My translation is not so great - but I was able to make out that Zherdev told the Russian papers that he will think about his next contract after the World Championship playoffs conclude. Also that he thinks we lost to the Capitals because we could score when we needed to. That's true in any language.

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