Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Or... Maybe not

Never mind.

I went on and on yesterday about how to come back from 3 games down in a playoff series, but when a team is down 4-0, well, I got nothin'.

The Hurricanes managed to lose again last night, by a score of 4-1 ending their disastrous series with the Penguins. In the end, Carolina was outscored 20-9. Cam Ward lost a playoff series for the first time in his NHL career. But when the other guys are averaging 5 goals a game - you're not going to beat them too often.

So, farewell Hurricanes. The big winds really blew this time around, but all for naught. They didn't beat the Penguins for us, but remember, they did deliver that nasty come-from-behind crushing loss to the Devils in round one - so we will always be grateful for that. Well done, guys.

12 playoff wins for the Aquatic Birds now. Four more and Crosby gets his mitts and his name on Lord Stanley's cup for all time. Someone please stop this from happening.

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