Thursday, May 14, 2009

F*ck Boston

THANK YOU CAROLINA. A great night for the NHL, a great night in sports, and a completely miserable night for everyone in Massachusetts means I am going to bed with a smile on my face. Am I upset my "pick" the Bruins did not win? No. I have spent more time contemplating the importance of ear wax then I did these picks. The Rangers are out. Nothing is relevant...except Boston not winning. I am sick of this fan base. Watching the game tonight, almost the entire crowd decked out in brand new jerseys, and hats, most with no crease in them. None with sweat stains. The bandwagon stink all over the place....god that was great. I wouldn't have had it any other way. I am glad they forced a game 7 (bruins now 0-21 all time when down 3-1, forcing a game 7 just twice). I am glad they forced OT. And I am glad they lost at home, in front of their "fans", and I can't wait to see how many of those people actually return next season, or are there two seasons from now as the Bruins slide farther back into the east standings and eventually out of palyoff contention.

The story was Carolina, who along with the ducks, have shocked everyone with their remarkably calm play in big games. The ducks lost tonight in a great game to the wings, but after beating the Sharks, and giving the Wings a better series than anyone has in a couple of seasons, no shame in the performance they put on. They were just minutes away from stealing a Game 7 on the road. And Carolina, they didn't sit back (officially called "the rangers offensive scheme"), they attacked most of Overtime in Boston and controlled pretty much the entire period. Along with a Celtics loss in Orlando in Game 6 of their series, a Red Sox loss earlier in the day in Anaheim, and a Yanks win in Toronto, this Rangers fan didn't think he could have this good of a night in mid May with the Rangers eliminated, but Carolina really gave me a boost.

Their series with the Penguins should be entertaining. Cam Ward has cemented his status as maybe the best big game goalie in the eastern conference right now, but a tough task awaits ahead in Pittsburgh. As much as I would like to see a blackhawks and carolina upset (only to not see a penguins title for crosby, and to not have the steelers and penguins as champs and inevitably start another "titletown" debate on the near unwatchable ESPN), I think a Penguins/Redwings rematch is all but a foregone conclusion.
Thank you again Carolina. I can't begin to think of how awful an Eastern Conference finals filled with non-stop mentions of the red sox, patriots, and celtics for no reason would have been. I could not stomach Bruins caps and jersey's popping up in places they had never been seen before. I can't stomach another overnight "life long, die hard" fan base.

Is it "poetic justice" the Scott Walker delivered the knockout blow for the Canes against the Bruins?...well....who cares....F*ck Boston.

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