Saturday, May 2, 2009

Torts Re-torts

Here are some interesting quotes from Tortorella's exit interview:

On game seven: "We had more puck control, we were good through the neutral zone, but where we fall short in the series, we have the puck quite a bit, but we still don't create enough offense. And that's a big problem with our club."

On Sean Avery: "There's a misperception about Sean and I ... I know that guy wants to help this team win. He's not treated fairly in this league, as far as on-the-ice stuff that happens, but he cares. He cares."

On Hank: "I think we have the best goaltender in the league."

On the younger guys: "I think we have 2 or 3 really good young defensemen that are with us here. I think we've got some young forwards. The youth, I think there's some good stuff here."

On the team: "I have a pretty good idea of what's here now. I don't know the minor leagues -- Artie (Anisimov), I like the way he played on Game 7, he wasn't nervous, it's a big body. As far as people on the roster, I have a good idea -- and remember, I'm a coach, not the manager, and I don't have all the figures as far as cap and contracts -- of what people are, who I'd like to keep and who I'd like to change."

On the team's (lack of) conditioning: "I worry that some guys are tired now, and we played one round. That's unacceptable. (Conditioning) is something an athlete can control. They don't want to embarrass themselves when we get to camp. This isn't like football where we can bring them in during the summer and look them over. We need to hang this over their heads, to be in shape when they come to camp, not use camp to get in shape."

Some good stuff to hear from our new coach. It sounds like he's big on the younger hustle players - less happy with is veterans - he understands what Hank is to the team - and he's come full circle on Seanny. Oh, and I'm not sure "misperception" is an actual word.

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