Sunday, May 10, 2009

Poti - You Idiot

Big game 5 - Capitals and Penguins. Overtime. Capitals back on defense. Penguins driving at the net. Malkin and Crosby in a 2 on 1. Tom Poti falling back on defense. Malkin tried the pass across the crease from close in. Poti dives back with his stick flat to the ice to try and deflect the pass.

And well, Poti deflects it alright - right into his own net - right by a stunned Varlamov. Ruining a 2 goal performance by Ovechkin.

And suddenly, the Capitals, who came close winning game 3 for a 3-0 lead, now find that it is they who are on the brink - down 3-2 and heading to Pittsburgh for a must road game 6.

This is twice now that bad luck bounces off his own defenseman have foiled the Russian rookie goaltender and sent his club to defeat in overtime.

My thought of the Caps winning the Cup and having no other team extend them to 7 games is gone now. The Penguins have at least extended to seven - but now only need one more win to advance to the next round.

Varlamov - who had his helmet knocked off and was shaken up in a collision with Pother a few minutes earlier, for the 2nd time had a better save percentage than Fleury despite taking the loss.


  1. When I take my daughter to a Ranger game, when the crowd does 'the Potvin' she adds "Poti does, too!" to the end of it. 'nuff said.

  2. Welcome aboard "I Gave Up Blogging" (can we call you IGUB for short?) It's always good to hear about young Ranger fans getting up to speed on Ranger traditions. Your daughter sounds like a bright young woman with a good head on her shoulders.