Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's over

Well, as far as the picks go, no reason to even discuss the Penguins-Caps anymore. That series is over. I don't like sid the kid, or the penguins, but they are proving that they are a better team, with better depth, than the Caps. And I really didn't like Ovechkin telling the penguins fans to be quiet after the Game 6 victory, off a fluke soft goal, that wasn't even scored by him, so talking sh*t to a fan base (that you know you won't see again no matter what) is pretty soft. After watching him do that, seeing him getting outplayed by Crosby isn't that big a deal now. Penguins will advance, which is a good thing if the Bruins win Game 7 tomorrow, because I think the Penguins have a better shot of beating the Bruins.

(2 notes on the penguins-caps: 1) ovechkin will finish with 11, possibly 12 goals if he nets another, in 14 playoff games, pretty damn good, 2) What a great trade pickup Bill Geurin has turned out to be for the penguins)

The Bruins......well I said I was confident the Rangers would be 2-2 against them thru this point I am pretty confident the rangers would be 2-4 and done, so I guess I am ok with Carolina taking a shot at Boston in Game 7. They need a big performance on the road like Pittsburgh is getting tonight, score early, score often, then let your goaltender take over from there. Come on Hurricanes, it will be the last game I officially care at all about until next October.

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  1. For the record, Nugs, here's how Ovechkin and Crosby match up for the series:

    Crosby: 8 goals + 5 assist for 13 points.
    Ovechkin: 8 goals + 6 assist for 14 points.

    Crosby: Plus 4
    Ovechkin: Plus 5

    Advantage: Ovie