Monday, May 18, 2009

Lundqvist is like A-Rod? Nugs, are you on Steroids?

You know, I comment on a nice story on a popular blog that compares the NY Mets to the NY Rangers and my colleague Mr. Nugman goes on a wild tear, posting a foot and a half worth of anti-Mets invective (yes, I spelled it correctly - and no, I don't know exactly what it means). And all the while he sneaks in these Mike Pelfrey balk references just to get me steamed.

Well, I'm going to take the high road here. I could say that...

...Nugman may be correct in comparing the steroid-taking sign-stealing Alex Rodriguez to Ranger superstar Henrik Lundqvist, but only during the playoffs - when both players ensure that there is very little scoring (Hank on defense, Alex at the plate)...

...but I won't, because I'm taking the high road.

And really - I'm just kidding. Nugs did an interesting job of comparing Yanks and Rangers, even if I don't always agree. But that's enough baseball on a Ranger's site. And as I said earlier to my good friend Nugman, I would be more than happy to argue the relative merits of rooting for the people's team versus the evil empire. But if we're gonna do that - let's not do it here. Just say the word, Nugs and I'll set up Baseball Brothers and we can have at it. But otherwise, let's make this a place for Ranger fans (and I don't mean the Texas Rangers).


  1. Dave, to be perfectly honest, you need to stop the "let's keep this a place for rangers fans", you lost that moral high ground when you jumped at the first offer that came your way from a Mets lovin baseball site.

    No offense but you really "dropped the ball" on that one.

    The "people's team"? I don't think I am out of line when I say you might be one of 9 mets fans currently alive. I haven't checked, but I don't know who these people are. Calling the Mets the "people's team" is about as laughable as missing the third base bag when jogging home on a ball hit to the wall.

  2. Only 9 Met fans currently alive? Well, actually, one of them expired last night after watching that mess of a throw to the plate in extra innings. So there's just 8 of us now.

    But I got to say, for a Yankee fan you seem to be studying the Mets games with an intensity that few of our 8 fans can match. Can it be, Nugman, that you're secrectly in love with this team that may not have the largest payroll in baseball - but can actually be fun to watch because they are relatively steriod-free, they don't steal signs, and winning is appreciated rather than expected.

    Join us Nugman - we need to get back to 9 fans so we're not outnumbered by our own team in the field.

  3. Haha, that's pathetic Dave, almost as much as a red sox fan. "that doesn't have the largest payroll in baseball" HAHAHA

    Yeah, you guys have the SECOND largest. Wow, yeah 1 is so evil, but 2 is just a loveable loser?

    I caught the mets games because a) they were on the west coast, on after the Yanks, b) same reason I watch little league world series, I enjoy seeing people with no talent but a lot of energy play the game, and all the amusing gaffe's that occur along the way

    And don't talk about roids and the mets. Besides LoDuca, Pedro likely (though more with boston), Benny Agbayani, Jay Payton, who all fit the typical steroid user makeup (not to mention lo duca actually got caught, as did rondomski who was SUPPLYING TO THE METS), Mike Piazza is the most clear roids user, other than Big Papi, that has yet to be caught. So let's not start with the roids bs.

  4. I see, Nugs. If you have to look at Payton and Agbayani and guys from the 1990s to make your steroid case against the Mets - as compared to Alex Rodriguez - I really don't think I have to bother to respond.

    LoDuca was bad news and was sent packing after his on-the-field roid rage incident.

    And as much as Nugs tries to deny it - he's starting to secrectly root for our Mets deep in his heart-of-hearts. I'll bet you dollars to donuts (which is an even-up bet these days) that Nugman starts pulling for the Orange and Blue when they take on the BoSox in a few days.