Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ilkka Heikkinen? That's 4 "k"s!

So - clearly the New York Ranger's problem this past year was scoring goals. What the Blueshirts need is a proven goal scorer that can put the puck in the net, throw a little fear into opposing teams, and take some of the ridiculous amount of pressure off of Henrik Lundqvist - who has to carry the team on a regular basis. So when word came down to the Blueshirt Brothers main headquarters that Slats had pulled the trigger on a new player - there was some high fiving and backslapping around the office.

We were glad to see that Slats really understands the off season mission - get some scoring. So, with the playoff season still underway he's wasted no time in signing... uh ... a defenseman from Finland who plays in a European league and who scored a big 11 goals last year (and has no less than 4 "k"s in his name.)

At this point the high fiving was replaced by head scratching.

Well, for all of you who have been clamoring for: Ilkka Heikkinen, you got your wish (Yes, I spelled his name correctly, and No, I don't know why the Rangers signed him.)

He's 6-2, 200 pounds and scored a big 11 goals last year for a team called HIFK Helsinki in a league called SM-liiga (unless it's the other way around).

He's big - and Torts likes size. And he's got four "k"s in his name and ... and....

Never mind.

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