Saturday, May 16, 2009

Who Had The Best Round 2 Picks?

Okay. Now that all the ice chips have settled and the Zamboni's come and gone - it's time to officially see who called round 2 better: me (Dave Pucks) or Nugman. As you remember we both picked our choices for (1) series winner and (2) the length of the series in games.

Here's our scoring system (suspiciously posted at the end of the round rather than at the beginning).

      -Picking the winner: 2 points

      -Picking the number of games exactly: 1 point

      -Getting closer to the right number of games than your opponent: 1 point

      So the Detroit series is easy. We both picked the Redwings in 6 - they won in 7. So 2 points each for picking the series winner is all we hand out.

      So we start at Nugman 2, Dave Pucks 2.

      Looking at Boston - Carolina, Nugs had Boston in 7, I had Boston in 5, Carolina won in 7. So no points for either of us on the series winner. But I give Nugs another point for being closer to the right number of games than I was.

      So now its Nugs 3, Pucks 2.

      Capitals - Penguins. I had Caps in 6. Nugs had Penguins in 6. It turned out to be penguins in 7. So 2 more points to Nugs for picking the winner. And I guess he gets one more point for being a game closer than I was to the right number of games in the series.

      So Nugs 6, Pucks 2. (Getting ugly out here)

      Okay - last series. Blackhawks and Canucks. Nugs went Canucks in 7. I said Hawks in 6. And lo and behold - it was Blackhawks in six games. So I award myself 2 points for getting the winner right another point for coming closer than Nugs to the right number of games and a big 4th point for hitting the number of games (6) right on the nose. So as our final we have:

      Nugman: 6 points. Pucks: 6 points. A tie. And I'll take it.

      So with rounds 1 and 2 officially draws, we move on to OT, or more precisely, round 3. My Picks:

      Penguins over Hurricanes in 6. As much as I hope this doesn't happen - the Penguins have won 3 of their last 4, while the Canes have lost 2 of their last 3. Canes are over-achieving and the Crosbys have been here before.

      Redwings over Blackhawks in 6. Just can't pick against the Redwings.

      Okay Nugs - you're up. I'd say "Let the best man win" but then I'd have no chance.

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