Friday, May 1, 2009

Valiquette Signed - and the Salary Cap Scorecard

It's not his fault really. But whenever you see Steve Valiquette in goal it is usually because something has gone terribly wrong. It could be that Hank is getting blown out of a game. Or maybe he's hurt. Or maybe Hank's too tired and Torts is forced to rest him.

In general - the less you see of a back up goalie - the better (unless you're the Washington Capitals - who's backup goalie was much better than their starter - but don't get me started on that). I think the last 4 or 5 times we saw Steve in goal - the Rangers lost. But it wasn't always his fault.

Anyway - next year, the backup goaltender position that we'd rather not see on the ice will once again be filled by Steve Valiquette. The Rangers (not officially announced yet) have signed him for a one year contract at $725,000.

So that nice little list we just set up in the right-hand column - showing Ranger's Salary Cap information - is just 10 minutes old and already in need of an update. I'm going to have to move Stevie V from the Unrestricted Free Agent list to the Signed list. But it's a good move. Steve is an adequate backup for Hank - and he doesn't break the bank/cap.

If you have any questions or corrections our little Cap Scorecard on the right - just drop us a comment below to let us know. We used a bunch of different sources - many of which disagreed with each other. And there is a difference between a player's Salary and their Salary-that-counts-against-the-cap (except when there isn't). We used Cap salary whenever we had it. For our Free agents - there is no next year's salary because they are not signed (that's what makes them free agents, Einstein). And don't get me started on restricted and not restricted - I'm getting a headache already.

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