Thursday, May 28, 2009

Its the Wings! And the Penguins. (Again)

Yup. A year goes by. A couple hundred NHL games take place. A couple hundred Blueshirt Brothers blog entries get posted. And we end up with.... a rematch. We get exactly the same two finals teams we had in 2008.

Last year's cup champions, the Detroit Red Wings, defeated the Chicago Blackhawks in overtime last night to complete a series victory in 5 games.

In defense of Chicago, they did take last year's Stanley Cup champs to overtime in 3 of the last 4 games - so the series wasn't quite as one-sided as most 5 game series are. Cris Huet played well for the Blackhawks in the net last night - allowing just one goal in regulation. But it was an unlikely bounce off Darren Helm's skate (after he had fanned on a shot attempt) that ended the Blackhawks season.

Never-the-less, in the semi final round, Carolina and Chicago teamed up to produce exactly one victory between them over 9 playoff games. It is as if the Penguins and Redwings are on an unstoppable collision course.

And if the idea of Sidney Crosby holding Lord Stanley's Cup over his head and shouting with joy makes you sick to your stomach, you are now a die hard Detroit fan.

Go Red Wings!

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