Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tough to care after Rangers were eliminated...but I'll try

While some here at the blueshirt brothers are upset at Tom Poti, that might be because they had the Caps in 6 instead of the Penguins. Others of us never minded Tom and always thought he got a real bad rap from Rangers fans his years in New York. (The guy was a Yankee fan growing up in New England, he can't be all bad) I actually almost didn't mind seeing him put up a huge series against the Rangers (until I saw him wagging his fingers at Rangers fans leaving MSG after Game 6 with a confident swagger that you just don't like seeing in your opposition). Perhaps it is poetic justice that Poti played such an integral part in the end of the Rangers season, and now has put the Caps on the doorstep to playoff demise as well. Or more likely, as is often the case in sports but doesn't help tv ratings so why say it, it's just a freak coincidence.

Red Wings have started out strong against maybe the best 8 seed of this decade in the NHL, the ducks, and look like they are going to go up 3 games to 2 in that series, with a shot to finish it on the road in Anaheim in Game 6.

The big game tonight is of course Carolina vs. the Bruins. Rangers fans and players, those that aren't busy nursing broken hands, or counting the millions of dollars they didn't earn this season, can only wonder what would have happened had they gotten to play the Bruins. I can't say we'd be up 3-1, because we just don't have a scoring threat like Eric Staal on our team, and in the playoffs, the true MVP type players are the ones that really get things done and push you to Lord Stanley's cup, but I almost feel confident in saying we'd be 2-2 right now. Cam Ward has returned to his Stanley cup form of 2006 and Boston's defense, so reliable all year has been uncharacteristically sloppy. (Perhaps this is what should have happened to a boston team lacking ANY playoff success, and all season seeming like a "they're good but....I'm not worried about them" sort of team. The sort of team that benefited by getting the Canadians in round 1. The canadians of course were maybe the weakest team heading into the playoffs in the East this decade, and were predicted to be swept out of the first round, or lose in 5 games, by the Nugman a full MONTH before the playoff seeding was even decided.)

Boston is home, so they certainly have a chance to extend this series to 6, but Carolina is just too confident at home. They will be as loose as can be tonight knowing they are playing with the house's money, while the Bruins will be trying to fight off their first elimination game in 10 years.

I honestly hope every Ranger breaks their hand(s) this offseason. Maybe when they heal learning how to shoot will be part of the rehab process? It certainly can't hurt the Rangers bargaining position, and thus their cap for next year.