Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bruins Even Series (Just Like Nugman Said They Would)

In the tightly contested hockey match up of Nugman's playoff picks versus mine (Dave Pucks'), Nugman's pick of Boston in 7 is looking better and better.

(And for those Hurricane fans who have watched a commanding playoff series lead disappear against a highly favored opponent - well, we here at Blueshirt Brothers know exactly how you feel.)

The Bruins, who looked finished when they were down three games to one against the Carolina Hurricane, won their second straight contest last night to knot the series at 3 pucks a piece.

That Swirly Wind team (the Hurricanes) had their chances to take the series against the heavily favored Bruins. But the Bruins came out flying last night, grabbed an early two goal lead that they never relinquished.

And so the momentum swings strongly back to the Bruins now, who return to Boss-town for the seventh game Thursday night that will decide the series.

If they can complete the comeback, Nugman will have picked this series just right - Bruins in seven. As for me, well, Dave Pucks said Boston in 5 - so I was wildly off the mark. On the other hand, as I endlessly mentioned yesterday - I was right on the Chicago-Vancouver match up - correctly picking the Blackhawks in 6 (and no one's more surprised about it than I am).

So our Pucks-Nugman tie-breaker is the showdown tonight in DC. Nugs and I both incorrectly picked a 6 game series - but he has the Crosbys (I mean Penguins) and I have the Ovechkins (also known as the Caps). We both picked the Red Wings series identically, so this game will be "the decider".

For those of us who don't have the Versus network - if I can find a stable feed of the game - I'll find a way to let you know. And if any of you can locate it first - please do us a solid and send a comment our way. Thanks.

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