Sunday, September 20, 2009

While I Was Out....

Dubinsky signs - the Rangers win - and Nugman returns to the blog - all's right with the world

First of all it is great to have my fellow Blueshirt Brother - Nugman - back on the blog. As our newcomers will quickly see - he feels the Rangers more deeply than anyone I know - and you'll see his emotional peaks and valleys pour out on these blog pages over the next few months. I also appreciate the chance for a weekend day off - but I did want to poke my head out of the ground for a few major events that surfaced while I was away.

Dubinsky Signs! It was pretty simple really. Despite what everyone was saying - Brandon did have some leverage. He was the 2nd best free agent Center on the market. And once Phil Kessel ended up on the Maple Leafs - Dubi suddenly became the best free agent Center on the market - and available for offer sheets. So the Rangers did the right thing in moving quickly and re-upping Brandon for 2 years - $3.7. Nice raise for Dubi and I hope everyone is happy now.

Rangers Win. Just preseason but we finally outscored somebody - the Bruins - by a score of 5-2. And in what looked to me like a fight for the 2nd goalie slot - Johnson again looked super in shutting down the Bruins and Valiquette let up the two goals. Anisimov had a shorthander, got 2 points for the 2nd straight game - and apparently - made the Ranger's roster this year.

That's all for me - I'll fade back into my weekend off and leave the keys with Nugman until Monday.

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