Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Finally - Mr. Avery Checks In

This pre-season has had a bunch of recurring themes:

Theme Number One - Mr. Brandan Dubinsky: Is he signed yet?

(no - but give it a few days and we'll probably have something)

Theme Number Two - Mr. Dany Heatley: Is he a Ranger Yet?

(no, but give that another day or two and we may very well have something there as well)

Theme Number Three - Marian Gaborik: Is it injured yet?

(Again no, and again, give it a few days and we'll probably have something there also)

But in all these redundant news stories, where in the world is our resident outrageous quote man? Where is our consistent controversy machine? Where is our bad boy media magnet? Where is that dark heart and soul of the New York Rangers?

Where is Sean Avery?

It turns out Seanny is hiding in plain sight - skating the optional pre-camp training sessions - keeping out of trouble.

But finally - amid the Gaborik/Dubinsky/Heatley noise - for a few sloppy seconds a little bit of Avery News snuck by the media goalie:

According to our hero Steve Zipay - Avery broke free in front of Goaltender Matt Zaba earlier this week and tried to tip one by him. The young goalie was good on the stop - denying Avery.

The reaction? Typical Sean. Even though this is camp and Matt is his teammate - Sean will be Sean.

As an apparent act of kindness he helped wipe some ice and dirt off Zaba's mask with his glove. He rubbed then mask pretty hard. That is - while Zaba's face was still in it.

To Sean, this is like a welcome-to-the-Rangers gift basket.

And Matt Zaba quickly returned the favor, offering Sean his stick. That is - the butt end of his stick. At high velocity.

Just a few seconds of a shift. But from it a little glimmer of light. Mr. Sean Avery is in the building. The fancy suits are off - the Ranger colors are on - and our favorite pest is back in business.

We missed you Sean. Welcome back. And Let's Go Rangers.

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