Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Return of the Nugman...sort of

It's that time of year again, another religious holiday, another reason for DP to look to get out of blogging on the blueshirts. Of course, being the good christian, and borderline hero that I am, I am willing to step up and add some offensive fire power to this blog, just like Donald Brashear will to the rangers offense this.....oh wait, that's right, I forgot, he will add nothing. Nevermind.

(I still am in shock that he is a I hate sather)

From what I have heard from Dave Pucks on my hiatus, this blog of ours is growing by leaps and bounds every day. I can only assume this is because there are a LOT of mets fans out there looking for some meaningful sport to follow, since meaningful games at citi field stop sometime in early august. As a Yankee fan, I will be burdened with watching baseball deep into October, so I have avoided the annual mess known as the "Rangers offseason".

I can not provide a tremendous amount of opinion on the rangers pre-season, since I have watched only about 8 seconds of it. I turned on some of the game against detroit, and it just so happened the exact moment I turned on I heard rosen say "Brashear heads onto the ice", and that was enough pre-season for me. Still in shock.

For those of our new fans that don't know me, I am the Nugman. I am the heart to Dave Puck's soul. I am the morning after pill to your broken condom. I am die hard blueshirts (just not in the pre-season because honestly, as much as I love hockey, we have to do something about this 14 month season thing) While I will not officially be back active until the first puck drops on the regular season, I want you to know I am thinking about all of you, and I am wearing a Henrik t-shirt (and nothing else), while doing it. My pre-season predictions will come in the next week or so, once I get a better feel for this new team of ours (isn't it fun to have a completely new roster EVERY season? Who cares about chemistry, we get to buy a whole new set of jerseys! Maybe that is Sather's plan, just keep overhauling, if something works, great, if not, big merchandise sales.)

There is never a bad time for that link. Ever.

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