Monday, September 7, 2009

Ottawa Captain: Trading Heatley "The Best Scenario"

We said here last Wednesday that Dany Heatley would be out of Ottawa by September 12th. And now Daniel Alfredsson, the Senator's team Captain apparently agrees with us.

Yesterday, reporters asked Alfredsson point blank if Heatley should be traded before camp opens on Saturday. Daniel's response was clear:

That would be the best scenario for everybody," the Captain admitted. You can't get much clearer than that.

And so, Senator's GM Bryan Murray has a growing problem on his hands. He wants to deal the disgruntled goal scorer - but only the San Jose Sharks and your New York Rangers have shown any kind of significant interest. And Murry isn't satisfied with what either team is offering.

But what alternative does he have?

After Ottawa went public with Heatley's trade demands (and it does seem that the team - not the player - leaked that information), the Senator's can't easily bring Dany back into the fold.

And it will get very ugly if Heatley walks into training camp on Saturday September 12th.

Murry will have a full blown - Ringling Brothers - elephant poop enhanced - Media Circus on his hands. You'd have reporters getting fresh quotes from Heatley about why he doesn't want to be there and how upset he is that the Senators leaked the story. You'd have every player forced to respond to reporters' questions about a teammate that wants out.

And you'd have to figure out what exactly to do about that "A" on Heatley's jersey. He's not exactly Alternate Captain material anymore - is he? But pulling off the "A" is likely to spark off another round of bad feelings and sniping quotes all around.

Plus - what exactly will happen between the players themselves when they encounter Heatley in their locker room - and scrimmage against him?

"You can’t just wipe it under the rug and go on", explained the team Captain, “You’re going to have to address the situation.”

Alfredsson's quotes to the press provide yet another reason to get Dany out of town. For GM Murray, the pressure is on, the clock is ticking...

...and the Rangers are still in the mix.

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