Monday, September 21, 2009

Rangers Leave Chad Hanging

On the surface - it seems awfully unfair. The Rangers want to keep 2 goalies. The first of course is Henrik. But the second?

Chad Johnson (and no - we won't be making Ocho Cinco jokes today - thanks for asking) has been really something to watch in goal. In two outings he let in just one goal - but more than that - he's looked really in command between the pipes. He's shown himself to be the kind of goaltender that settles down his club - displaying confidence - limiting rebounds - showing great skill with the glove hand - and just kind of taking charge back there.

And Saturday night against the Bruins - Tortotrella set it up as a long look a Chad and Steve Valliquette - and may the best man win. The result?

Steve Valliquette - 14 shots, 12 saves - two goals in half a hockey game.
Chad Johnson - 12 shots - 12 saves.

I other words - Chad was perfect. So how do you send him down to the minors after that? What did you want him to do? Score a goal? Make 20 save on 12 shots?

I mean - nothing at all against Steve - but I think we all have seen what Steve can do. We know his upside. Chad, on the other hand - is still improving. It just seems like a bad move to me. But on the other hand - Johnson will get more work in the minors and will have more chance to improve his game.

Also getting cut and going to Hartford are:

Matt Zaba - no argument there
Cory Potter - we agree

Heikkinen - we would have liked to have seen more of the K-man

Crowder - who we frankly have no opinion about.
There are more cuts to come - but with this latest round the Rangers are getting closer to their final roster. And tomorrow night they face Detroit again - this time at home.

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