Sunday, September 6, 2009

Aaron Voros - Hard Working Ranger (or wanted criminal?)

Aaron Voros as a Ranger last year was not an offensive juggernaut. His numbers?

55 Games - 8 Goals - 8 Assists (at least he has a balanced attack) - 122 Penalty minutes. His Goals-per-shots-on-goals an unlikely 12.1%.

And here are his fight stats (and yes - there are people who track this -

10 fights. Record: 2 wins, 3 losses, 5 ties. (By comparison Brashear was 6-2-3 with one of his two losses coming against a certain Colton Orr).

Like his other teammates, Aaron got the offseason letters from Tortorella (with lots of Capitalizations and Exclamation Points!!!) urging him to get in shape.

And so, according to Voros, he has stayed close to the Rangers Training camp center all summer - working out the entire off-season. The 200 pound, 6-4 left winger who turned 28 in July wants to try his hardest to stay part of this Ranger team.

In fact, Voros told Steve Zipay at Newsday this week that he's been at camp so many weeks that last week was "like Groundhog Day...but with more people this week". Voros also said, of his physical condition:

"I'm in the best shape of my life."

That is good news - unless...

We don't know how to say this exactly - but there were police reports this summer of a robbery in Rochester on August 30th. A convenience store on North Main Street was robbed at knife point in broad daylight.

Why am I mentioning this terrible event? As you can see in the photo - the suspect was wearing... well, I will quote the local paper Fosters Daily Democrat here:

Police released a photograph of the suspect from a surveillance camera at the store and describe the suspect as a white male who was wearing a New York Rangers hockey jersey bearing the number 34. The jersey is mostly white in color, with red and blue lettering, police said.

The suspect wore a Ranger Jersey? Number 34? But that's ... Aaron Voros' number!

But that's impossible. Aaron is no criminal. He has no history of violence. I mean he's a professional hockey player. A player with 122 penalty minutes and 10 fights last year and....
And, anyway, Aaron has made a special point of telling reporters that he was at Ranger Training camp. All summer. And Westchester is 5 hours away from Rochester. Why would he make a special point of saying he was in Westchester? It's not like he needed an alibi.
Did he?

Uh oh. This can't be happening.

Anyway - let's keep it on the down-low. The Rochester police haven't checked roster numbers yet - so we're still in the clear.
And hey, in the future, to anyone thinking of committing an armed robbery in Rochester - we urge you to reconsider. If nothing else - please leave the Ranger Jersey at home.


  1. The important question here for prosecutor's is whether or not they can press charges against Jim Dolan for "conspiracy to commit robbery"?

    I mean think about it, with the ridiculous ticket prices and the shape of the economy -- the only way to afford season tickets is to literally rob a bank!

  2. Why shouldn't we think it was Voros,he stole 1 million from the Rangers last year and is going to do it again this year.

  3. hell, anyone can see that's Beezer. Voros doesn't have superior hair like Vanbiesbrouck.

    Las Vegas, NV

  4. Thanks for your comment Puck Central - There are a variety of charges that Jim Dolan could be brought up on (impersonating a musician for one). But he's never been accused of being a smart owner - that's for sure.

  5. nyr3439 - welcome aboard. If Aaron did steal $1 million from the Rangers - It's a shame he also has to knock over a convenience store. Maybe we can convince the Rochester Police Department to give him a five minute major and let it go at that.

  6. Fotiu-is-God? What a great name! Would that make Ron Dugay the holy ghost? Good point that the perpetrator might by John Vanbiesbrouck - after all he did for the Rangers, the poor guy can't get arrested in this town!

    Thanks everyone for commenting and keep up the good work.

  7. Dave Pucks
    Great site,I'm kinda new to the whole computer thing,but not to hockey.I'm a long time Ranger fan and played (goal) for over 35 years(4 years Jr"A" and about 35 minutes of very low minor league) until hip replacement surgery last August,so sites like yours are a pleasure.Great to be able to see what other Ranger/hockey fans have to say,I'll be a regular visitor.

  8. To nry3439:

    Thanks very much for the kind words. We're honored to have a real player - the minor leagues are pro hockey - such as yourself on our roster. Welcome aboard and we look forward to hearing more of your comments - from a player's perspective.

  9. Dave Pucks
    Thanks right back at ya,I played that 1 game in 1982,but kept up until about 3 years ago,had the hip replaced at 46 and won't be able to ever get back in goal.But the love for the game and the Rangers will never end.I played with and against many guys who made the NHL,including former Rangers Brian Mullen and Jim Pavese(a good friend still),I was even at a USA Hockey JR camp with Beezer,so even though I never made it,I sure have some great times to look back on.