Saturday, September 26, 2009

Torts Blames... Me?


Help me out here readers. Is Ranger Coach John Tortorella angry at poor old Dave Pucks? It doesn't seem possible - I've never even met the man - but here's what happened.

Speaking to reporters about Donald Brashear - who was booed by Ranger fans on Thursday night whenever he touched the puck - Tortorella said this:

"Donald Brashear's gonna be a big part of this hockey club. I just don't think he needs to be disrespected. I think you guys disrespected him when we brought him in here. I think that's what started the ball rolling"

Torts is saying that the fans booed Brashear because the media incited them. I would think Brashear's own behavior on the ice as a thug who purposely went after Ranger Blair Betts with intent to injure - might have played a role in the fans reaction - but apparently Tortorella disagrees. According to the Ranger's coach - reporters stirred up the whole thing.

Here at Blueshirt Brothers we have certainly expressed some disappointment at the Rangers for hiring the guy who went after and injured Betts.

But here's where I'm confused. I'm just not sure if Tortorella meant to include blogs like this when he said "You Guys". Because if he did, that means that Torts is both (1) mad at me and (2) completely unaware of who I am - at the exact same time. And that is a pretty odd occurrence if you think about it. As for me - I never met Tortorella - and I like him (which is not the exact same thing in reverse - it's normal to form opinions about people we see on TV - it's not normal for people on TV to form opinions about us). But anyway - I do like John Tortorella. He's been good for the Rangers - he clearly cares about winning - he's a good coach - and he refreshingly says exactly what he's feeling.

And of course, expressing your true feelings in real time is pretty much what happens when fans boo. And, so, to all of you, and all Ranger fans, let me say this:

Don't let anyone - Coaches or the Media - tell you what to do or how to feel. Go ahead and boo when you want to - it's your right. After all, you paid for your seats - which pays Tortorella's salary. And, if you ask me, booing the guy who hurt Blair Betts isn't disrespectful.

It's just paying attention.

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