Saturday, September 12, 2009

Torts: "Who Knows what happens to the Center Position"

John Tortorella spoke to the media yesterday. Among the injured were....

Just kidding.

There was one little quote of his that jumped out at us here at Blueshirt Brothers:

"who knows what happens to the center position in the next couple of days..."

I know most people are assuming this quote is about one player - Brandon Dubinsky. But I don't think so. At least - I think it's not only about him.

I think there's still a deal out there for another center about to be made. I think John Tortorella thinks his top line center may not even be a Ranger yet. I think Glen Sather still has cards he ain't showing.

Of course - we will see.

As for our unsigned Ranger, Dubi is in a mighty uncomfortable position. Without a signed deal he can either;

1 - Accept the Ranger qualifying offer - which would amount to a salary cut - to below the 600K level, or

2 - Sign an offer sheet from another team. But if that happens the Rangers do have the right to match the offer and keep their young centerman.

All this uncertainty has resulted in Dubi sitting out the start of training camp. (I'll bet he doesn't mind missing that 3 mile run and the wind sprints that Torts has announced).

It's touchy. Dubi doesn't want to risk injury before he signs. And the Rangers don't want him skating with them when a potential Offer Sheet could arrive any moment.

It all amounts to a growing rift and a deteriorating situation between the player and his team. Even if Dubi does come out and play - for the qualifying offer - will he do it with a whole heart?

Actually - looming free agency can be a big motivator - so I think we'd be fine for this year in that case - but then in the off season we'd lose him for sure.

But I still say there's one more deal out there for Glen Sather. But then again - as Torts said;

Who knows?

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