Sunday, September 13, 2009

If you can't stand the Heatley...

We don't really like to toot our own goal buzzer here at Blueshirt Brothers (although in the privacy of your own home there's absolutely nothing wrong with doing that once in a while). As our readers know - we went out on a limb back on September 2nd to predict that Heatley would be out of Ottawa by September 12 and here we are - and there he goes.

In the end, Ottawa just couldn't stand Dany Heatley - so they got him out of their kitchen, sending him to the San Jose Sharks. In return, the Santors will get Milan Michalek, Jonathan Cheechoo (the hands-down best name in the NHL) and a second-round pick.

Of course - we were told Dany was traded once before - in a three way deal - that apparently fell through. But as my fellow blogger Nugman will tell you from his adventures in the New York singles scene - it's always pretty tough putting a three-way together.

In any event - Ottawa GM Bryan Murray had no choice. Dany had asked out of town because he felt slighted by being taken off the first line power play. Then Ottawa's management inexplicably went public with Dany's demand - weakening their bargaining position. And after that, too many harsh words were flying back and forth to let Ottawa keep the high scoring forward in a Senator's uniform. GM Bryan Murray did all he could and waited as long as possible but in the end he had to pull the trigger. Had Heatley shown up in camp it would have been an ugly picture for the media - a total circus that Murray wanted to avoid at all costs.

Of course that also means that Heatley will not be coming to the New York Rangers. Sather was in there pitching - but in the end this is a deal he was Smart for Not Making. Ottawa was demanding Brandon Dubinsky plus a whole lot more. We can assume from the Sharks deal it would have taken the Rangers Dubinsky - plus another scorer - plus a draft pick.

And for a team already thin at Center - losing the young and talented Dubi would have been a big move in a bad direction. Still - wouldn't it have been nice to see Gaborik and Heatley out there against Crosby and Malkin? But then again, with no Center to get them the puck - what would be the point?

Two Days till Rangers-Bruins PreSeason Hockey!

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