Friday, September 4, 2009

Boullion not in the soup - Wiikman on Wikipedia - Rangers Release their Roster

We love this. After a long hot summer the pre-season opener is just two weekends away - there are real New York Rangers skating around on real ice in camp and the team has released their official Training Camp Roster.

You can take a peek for yourself right here on the Ranger's official site. And keep in mind that a few of younger players are still in the Traverse City Prospects Tournament and will be joining the squad later on.

This is just the first go-round, let everybody play, open up the doors list. Fully half of these guys will not be on the final squad - I mean, there are six - count'em - six Goaltenders on the list.

For example - check out goaltender Miika Wiikman on Wikipedia. I think the four "i"s in Miika's name tops the four "k"s in Ilkka Heikkinen (also on the squad) to make him the new best name in the organization.

But seriously, the biggest news of a wide open roster list like this is not who is here but who isn't.

Frances Boullion - the mighty tough, but not not mighty tall (or mighty young) defenseman, who we had speculated could compete for a roster spot here is notably missing.

Theo Fleury - the compelling, tragic, former Ranger - who had been working out and attempting an unlikely but spirited comeback - is not listed here. This is disappointing. An invite, even if short lived - would have been a wonderful gesture from Sather and company.

And there are even a surprise among the guys who did make the Training Camp Squad:

Kyle McLaren - the former San Jose Shark (and former Boston Bruin) is a big (6'- 4") 219 pounds was out of the NHL last year after failing his physical with the Philadelphia Flyers. The 32 year old defenseman is most famous for violent physical play. He was suspended three games in the playoffs for an over-the-top elbow to Montreal's Richard Zednik in 2002. Ranger fans may remember a hip check to Petr Prucha from Kyle that was so violent it was rumored to have knocked the 2nd "e" loose from Petr's name. All kidding aside - it is clear that Tortorella is looking for intimidating physical play from his team and that Don Brashear won't be the only manifestation [Editor - when Dave Pucks says "manifestation" he means "example" ] of that.

And I am glad to see young defenseman Mike Sauer on the squad. I know he disgraced himself in Coach Tortorella's eyes with a horrific couple of shifts against the Penguins late last year - but he deserves a second chance and I'm glad he's getting one.

Brandon Dubinsky is here - which we expected - confirming that he is in this year's Ranger plans.

The other big news - Gaborik has not yet been injured! Let's hope that streak keeps going.
And speaking of injuries - here's a shout out and a "Get Well Soon" to Jess Rubenstein who runs a great blog called Prospect Park (check the link in the "blogs we like" section on the right side of this page). Jess unfortunately tore his MCL - leaving him in a lot of discomfort as he keeps us updated on the younger Rangers. Thanks for playing hurt Jess and we hope you feel better quickly.

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