Sunday, June 21, 2009

Avery on Fallon - part 2 - "Not The Monster"

Continuing our discussion of Sean Avery on the Jimmy Fallon show - they spoke briefly about Career Gear - the charity Sean participates in. As the audience applauded the charity - Sean said this:

"I'm not the total monster everyone thinks I am."

Another telling moment from our man Sean. He didn't say it to the audience - he spoke over applause to say it to Fallon. He still does see himself as misunderstood and set upon - not the cause of all of his own troubles. And I think Fallon blew it here by not following up. It's a very strong provocative statement by Avery and Jimmy Fallon just fanned on it.

Later, Avery alluded to the anger management help he's gotten, saying:

"Pre coming back to New York I had a little bit of a short fuse and I worked on some things."

And again Fallon blew it - going too quickly to the joke and not helping the audience understand what Sean was talking about. Avery in an anger management class would be an interesting thing to know about - but Jimmy F. let that puck get by also.

I did like when Sean called the Rangers "home".

But overall it was strange, disjointed interview. A missed opportunity for us to learn more about one of our favorite Rangers.

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