Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mine That Bird (Penguins)

And down the Stanley Cup stretch they come!

The 2008-2009 National Hockey League season could end tonight. The Penguins return home to Pittsburgh for the last time this year for Crosby's Last Stand. They have one mission.


Win or watch the Detroit Red Wings hoist the Stanley Cup on Pittsburgh's home ice. Win or suffer back-to-back losses in the Stanley Cup finals to the same team. Win or lose the re-match they fought all year to get back to. Win or start to build the unfortunate legacy of the perennial Stanley Cup losers.

And to do it - the Malkin and Crosby show will have to reach way down into the Penguin's well. They will have to dig deep into whatever Penguin guts they have left. They will have to Mine That Bird for every last ounce of strength and courage they possess.

Because they're facing a championship caliber team in the Red Wings - a confident powerful team that is playing at their best and are just one step away from a "Double Stan" (back to back cups).

So the mission is clear - mine that aquatic bird for all its worth - or else - when the buzzer sounds it will be time for Crosby, Malkin and their mates to form a line and shake hands - with the Stanley Cup Champs.

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