Thursday, June 11, 2009

Last Game of the season

So it all comes down to one game. Game 7, nothing more exciting in sports. One little mistake, and one team ends up the champions, the other (and their fan base) head for a life time of "what if?"

Homefield advantage in the playoffs in NHL and MLB is incredibly overrated. (It would be in the NBA also but actually, home teams are almost automatic in the NBA because the away team is usually checking out all the new strip clubs and local drug dealers the night before) But in the NHL and MLB, homefield/ice advantage means absolutely nothing....except in a Game 7. Game 7's in both sports have traditionally been a near lock for the home team. That's why in both sports, the emphasis has always been on the regular season record. Getting that best record so you can host Game 7 in your building and finish off a thrilling championship run. So what can we expect for this game 7? Is it a lock for Detroit? Will home teams go 7-0 in this series?

The case for the Penguins winning Game 7:

- ALL the pressure is on Detroit. They are the favorite, they are the defending champs, they are the home team, and they already lost a potential clinching game in game 6

- Where is Sidney Crosby? Has he really shown up in these finals? (I am not 100% sure since I have avoided watching most of it because I simply don't care) The penguins star is due isn't he, for one BIG game, is Detroit really going to escape 7 games with out Sid the Kid throwing up a 4 point game?

- Where is Hossa? The leading scorer for Detroit in the regular season has been a complete non-factor in the finals as well. If he stays off the scorers sheet, penguins have a shot.

- 3 of 4. As in the penguins have won 3 of the last 4 games (granted all 3 were at home), and they know they very well could have won either of the first two game in Detroit that the league gift wrapped for them, had they not gotten horrible goaltending. Fluery shows up in either game, and this series is over with Penguins hoisting the cup. He gets a shot at redemption in Game 7.

- They were in the same situation when they went to Washington for Game 7, and blew the capitals out of the building. Past success is always nice to draw from.

The Case for Detroit winning game 7:

- While all the pressure in the world is on them...they probably don't know it. This is a very veteran team, and they are the defending champs that were already taken to the brink once this postseason by the Ducks, pressure should have little if any effect on them.

- Most playoff games, especially Game 7's, come down to goaltending. Fluery is more talented, But Osgood is a multiple time Cup Champion with more experience in big games then pretty much all the goalies in the east combined (excluding brodeur). Fleury has also been TERRIBLE in all 3 games in Detroit, maybe he is due? But you rarely see a guy go from terrible to brilliant in one game

- 2 days of rest. The league really gift wrapped a game for the penguins in the first two having them play back to back, that should have been a huge edge for the penguins and their younger legs, but they didn't take advantage. The same can be said for Games 6 and 7 for Detroit, getting 2 days off before each game, should give the older legs on Detroit a much needed break and have Detroit at their best...but it didn't work out in game 6.

- They are the best team.....that's always helpful.

You could come up with a handful of reasons why each team should have won the cup already, but it is irrelevant, it comes down to one game for all the marbles. Nothing like a Game 7, I might even watch some.

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