Sunday, June 14, 2009

Panic in Detroit? Not this time

I can't believe it.

I didn't think they had it in them. The Penguins bucked the odds - refused to panic - and made history Friday night.

Pittsburgh's defense (and their offensive puck possession) limited the Red Wings to 6 shots in the first period - 11 in the second - and just 7 in the third. But make no mistake - Fleury faced some big time chances and came up huge when he needed to. Still, he needed the crossbar to lend a hand before it was all over.

Crosby, injured, and not a dominant force at any time in the series - did some of his best skating after the series had ended and he was hoisting (hard for me to write this) the Stanley Cup. I do feel good for Malkin - getting the recognition with the MVP - and the growing realization that he is the difference maker for the Aquatic Birds.

Detroit defensemen Kronwall and Stuart were each -2 for the night - not the way you want to end your season. On the other hand - the Detroit defensemen Lidstrom and Ericcson put up 8 of the Red Wings 24 shots on goal and got an assist on their lone goal.

In their 4 games in Detroit - the Penguins scored 1 goal, 1 goal, zero goals, and then 2 goals in their lone victory. They were outscored in the series 17-14. But none of that matters now.

They got the lone road win. They got just enough to win the game, the series, and Lord Stanley's cup.

As Nugman said - I wish it was our Rangers up there. But it was not to be. And now - with no playoffs to distract us - we're looking at the NHL draft this month - and an offseason where the Rangers will have to get moving if they're going to address some gaping holes in their line up.

Congratulations Malkin and the Penguins. I'm officially bummed. If Henrik Lundqvist couldn't win it - why not Henrik Zetterberg?

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