Saturday, June 6, 2009

Nugman was right (just not right away)

Nugman had this long before I did. The Penguins are an incredibly young team. The Red Wings - not so much.

Nugs thought this would show up in the back to back games in Detroit. But the Wings were rested coming in and got through their home games with 2 wins. But In game 3 the older men's fatigue started to show. Detroit only managed 3 shots in the third period I despite being down one goal for ten minutes. And again, in game 4 (the fourth game in six nights) in steel-town, the Penguins could see the Red Wings starting to sag, their heads down, breathing hard.

So has the tide turned?

Not so fast. To the Red Wing's rescue come - the NHL schedule makers. After having the first 4 games in six nights, the next 3 will take eight days to finish. Game 5 in Detroit is key - it's on 2 nights rest. Now two days is not that long, but it's much better than the back to backs they started out with.

And after that the schedule really slows down. They get a 3 game rest to game six (Tuesday) and then another 3 game rest to game 7 (Friday),We'll know a lot more after Saturday night - after the Red Wings get their third try at winning a third game in this series.

All that's riding on this is the Stanley Cup, the Red Wing's legacy, and, most importantly, the little side bet between Nugman and Dave Pucks.

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