Friday, June 12, 2009

A Tough Road - Game 7 in the Stanley Cup Finals

Game seven. Like Nugman says, it's always a big deal. Anytime you know you're going to line up and shake hands at the end - it's a big game. And when The Cup is in the building and one team will get it - that's as big a hockey game as you can get.

The Blueshirt Brothers staff has been making side bets to see who's pick would turn out better. Nugman had the Penguins in six. As for me (Dave Pucks) I said the Red Wings in six. So all we know so far is - we're both wrong.

The odds still favor the Red Wings to win the series. The last time a road team won a Stanley Cup finals game seven - Maurice "The Rocket" Richard scored the winning goal. I wish I was kidding. It was 1971. And the time before that was the 1940s. We've explained the real strategic advantage the home team has in the NHL - add that to the home crowd screaming horrendous intimidating things at the referees (I know I do) and you get a pretty big home ice advantage.
Of course, back in 71 they must have been saying the road team has no chance - and look what happened there.

By the way - according to Jeff Klein, our favorite hockey reporter at the New York Times, Theo Fleury shouted something at Rob Scuderi as the Penguin defenseman was making 3 saves in the goalmouth while Fleury flopped out of position on the left side.

Did he yell "thanks", or "great save", or "show me how you do that without giving up big rebounds"?


What Fleury yelled at his defenseman was "move!"

Scuderi wisely ignored the advice. He held his position, made 3 saves, and the Penguins held on for the win.

And if Fleury has yet another bad start in Detroit tonight - how about benching him and seeing if Scuderi will strap on the pads? Just asking.

Anyway - it figures to be a great finish to the NHL season. (Go Wings).

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