Friday, June 26, 2009

Off Topic

You know - I don't ever like to go off topic here - but the entire world seems to be focused on one story today - not the NHL draft - not the violent government repression in Iran - but rather: the accidental death of a formerly popular singer-dancer named Michael Jackson.

I can see how the entertainment media - like the E channel - would be all over this story. But why is a cable news channel like MSNBC devoting round the clock coverage to what they call "a developing story"? A developing story? Forgive me, but the man died yesterday and he's still dead today - so not much development to the story.

On MSNBC this morning - a reporter was talking about how amazing it was that Micheal Jackson and Michael Jordon were both huge popular icons at the same time and both had the initials MJ.
What? This is a professional news network observation? We're tuning in to hear this?
And again - forgive me of speaking ill of the dead - but professionally I thought he peaked at age 11. And with his alleged mis-appropriate behavior with children - his public drug addictions - his attempted facial reconstruction and skin lightening - and emphasis of dance over music - I found him to be a terrible role model and someone not worth the public adulation he receives in both life and death. I'm not making light of his demise - I realize he was a real person with family and friends - but I don't understand the wall-to-wall media coverage.

But enough - with this post I am now officially part of the problem.

To get back on track:

Today in Montreal is the NHL draft. And we've heard two rumors:

Rumor 1 - That the Rangers are shopping to unload two overpaid players. I'm sure you can guess which ones:

Wade Redden? In the words of the late Ed McMahon: You are correct, sir.

Scott Gomez? Once again, yes. No surprises there - and actually some relief on my part that Glen Sather sees what we see. That's good news.

Rumor 2 - The Rangers are trying to get in the hunt for Dany Heatly with Ottawa.

That's all we have for now. Back later.

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