Monday, June 15, 2009

Just a little something for Monday

With another season finally over, really not much for the Ranger fan to look forward to. It's not that long until next season, but each day Sather has - to further cripple this team - lasts an eternity.

With afternoon baseball complete, I was flipping around yesterday and stumbled upon "Rangers Classics" on MSG. I decided to take a look knowing that there was a 75% chance a "Rangers Classics" game was from the cup run of 1994. They were showing Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals, in Vancouver, the Richter save on Bure game. (For those interested, it was 15 years and 8 days ago) Rangers got down 2-0 early in that game (they did that a lot the last two rounds), then stormed back behind great play from Richter, and Conn Smythe winner Brian Leetch. (Leetch scored to make it 2-1, then zubov scored on the power play to tie it, assisted by Leetch and Messier. Leetch would go on to record 2 more assists.....I really miss having a dominant offensive defensive unit)

Anyway, it's monday (assuming I got this post to go out at the proper time), so I just thought I would give everyone a little something to pick up their mood a bit. This clip will never get old.

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