Thursday, June 25, 2009

Draft Tomorrow

The Hockey world is gathering in Montreal for tomorrow's NHL draft. With the weather hot and humid here in New York today - that actually sounds kind of nice. But we'll be there in spirit - willing the Rangers to make some good choices and help the hockey club.

The Rangers have the 19th overall pick. Followed by the 47th, 80th, 127th, 140th, 151st, 170th, and 200th. That's no fourth rounders and a couple of 5th rounders.

After the draft - next Monday a kind of rookie camp opens - the development center - which will feature our new draft picks and other top Ranger prospects.

Most of the draft choices end up in the minor leagues - so the NHL draft - like Baseball's draft is less of an immediate deal than the NFL's is. In other words - no one we select tomorrow is like to be much help next year. Still, you never know - and some day many these picks will be playing for the New York Rangers - so it's always worth a look.

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