Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blueshirt Brothers Playoff Picks Championship: We Have A Winner!

This year Nugman and I had a one-on-one playoff picks competition. Since Nugman is our hockey guy and I'm the endless fluff and comedy relief guy - the pressure was on Nugs all the way. We awarded points as follows:

+1 point for picking the correct winner
+1 extra point for picking the correct number of games with the winner
+1 point for coming closer to the right pick than the other guy.

Okay - so through the first round - dead even. 3 points each.

In the 2nd round - 6 points each. Still tied.

And then - in the 3rd round - I (Dave Pucks) jumped out to a big one point lead. And for the finals I had - Red Wings in 6. Nugman had the Penguins in 6.

When Detroit won the first 2 games I felt pretty good. When they won game 5 I still felt good. Going into game seven I was still feeling okay.

But, of course, the Penguins won. And with that victory - Nugman gets one point for picking the winner and another point for coming closer than I did in the number of games. And that catapults Nugs from one point behind - to a one point victory.

So Nugman takes the first annual Blueshirt Brothers Playoff Picks Championship. And while Crosby hoists the Stanley Cup, Nugs can raise his Scooby Doo plastic mug for a job well done.

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