Saturday, November 22, 2014

Too Soon?

My good buddy Christopher Crease tells me it’s way too early to be scoreboard watching.  We’re not even at the quarter pole on this season, after all.

But I say “Hooey!”  (and don’t make me say it again).

I mean, the Atlantic division has both of the wild card slots right now - and they have 6 teams with more points than the 4th place Rangers do.

And if that holds up – the Rangers will need to finish 3rd in the eastern Conference to make the playoffs.  So that’s means we need to catch either:

  • The Penguins
  • The Islanders
  • Or The Capitals

So is it too early to scoreboard watch?  I say no – because sooner or later we gotta catch one of these guys.  So tonight – when the Penguins play the Islanders on the back end of a home and home – I was rooting Penguins to keep the Islanders closer to us.  But – naturally – the Islanders won tonight 4-1.  At least this was in regulation – so the Penguins don’t get the loser point tonight that they got in the previous shootout loss. 

So yes – it’s early – but the Penguins and Islanders are 8 points up on our heroes at the moment.  For now we can set our sights on the 3rd place Capitals – who take on the snow-bound Sabres tonight.

Let’s root Sabres and watch that scoreboard.

Dave Pucks Out!

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