Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Riding Back In FROM the Sunset

Now where were we?  Oh – that’s right – we had to step away for a few months there (Editor – it was a year and a half) (Dave Pucks – now don’t you start with me, Ed, can you at least let me get a few sentences out before you start interrupting me?)  (Editor – fine – just go ahead)

Anyway - here we are back again and ready for action.  The Rangers may have lost in the Stanley cup finals last year 4-1, but with three overtime games it was a highly competitive series that – if we had squeaked one more tally in off the post against Quick in game 5, well, you know how that could have played out.  Don’t get me started.  (Editor – no one is getting you started) (Dave Pucks - It’s a figure of speech, yo)  (Editor – you’re not speaking so how could it be a figure of speech?) (Dave Pucks –shut up – I’m blogging here)

Anyway –it’s a new season – a brave new world – and with the sad news that our beloved comrade Kevin Delury is hanging up his keyboard for good over at the New York Rangers Blog – well, we just thought it was time to crank this apparatus back up again and see if we can get it road-worthy again. 

Much has changed since we last spoke.  The Rangers have a better coach – some amazing new players (Like Nash and St. Louis) and we still have the best goaltender in the NHL in Henrik Lundqvist.  Plus the team is clearly not having a post finals let-down.  In fact – they look determined – gritty – and seem to be attacking this season with a real sense of urgency.

So strap in boys and girls – because the Blueshirt-Brothers are back and we’d love to have you along for the ride.

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