Sunday, November 9, 2014

Game Day - Rangers and Edmonton Oilers

Happy Sunday morning Ranger fans (and also to my perpetually angry Editor – whose name is coincidentally Ed - but he’s probably not awake yet this morning because stays out too late carousing and dare I say: gallivanting around).  

Some folks may think of this as Football Sunday – but you and I know it is a Rangers Game Day as our heroes return home from their 4 goals wasted in Toronto last night.  Henrik had to make the trip – just to sit there and watch Cam Talbot slowly turn into Marty Biron (and by that I mean great first season as backup followed by a not-so-good one).  But tonight he clears customs and gets back in net against the Edmonton Oilers – which I will unofficially proclaim as the NHL:’s streakiest team.  Here’s their season – they lost 5 – then won 4 – then lost 4 – then won one.  So we’re on the bad side of the streak.  

But – coach Vigneault (and at least 3 of those consonants are there for no reason at all) (Editor – that’s how Canadians spell things) (Dave Pucks – look who finally woke up.  Rough night Ed?) (Editor – let’s keep this professional – okay?) (Dave Pucks – isn’t it spelled Canadiens with an e near the end) (Editor – don’t try to edit the editor, okay.  You use an “a” in Canadians when you’re talking about the actual countrymen – not the hockey team) (Dave Pucks – okay – relax – I think you’re hung over – I’m moving on) …Coach Vigneault knows that on the road where the opponents have the last line change – our injury-depleted defense is really exposed.  So he’s saving Hank for home games where he can put Girardi or Staal out there against the opponents top lines.  (Editor – that should be opponent’s with an apostrophe)  (Dave Pucks – leave me alone Ed, you know what - I’m not writing anymore this morning.  I was going to show the starting lines but now - forget it)

(Editor – Dave?)

(Editor – Hey Dave?)

(Editor – Uh, folks – I think Dave Pucks stepped away.  The game starts at 6pm.)


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