Sunday, November 9, 2014

Rangers Score Four (Needed More)

Okay – it’s a tough loss – but not really – and here’s why.  Last year’s Rangers fell just short of winning it all – and what failed them in the finals we not enough firepower (not enough goals).  Well, this year – with Stepan back in the lineup the Rangers scored 4 times – and as the season wears on – when we get our defensemen back – and when Lundqvist is in the net – 4 goals will be more than enough.  

There is every reason to believe the defense will get better – and no reason to think the offense will get worse.  Our good defenders are either hurt (McDonagh, Boyle) or suspended (Moore) or overworked/exhausted right now (Girardi, Staal).  Put that together with Cam Talbot in the net and you get – well, tonight you got 5 goals against.  Is that likely to improve as we get healthy – yes it is.

But what’s really encouraging are the goals we’re scoring. 

Line 1 scored – Nash’s league lead tying 11th of the season off a beautiful behind-the-back assist for Little St. Louie (his 7th assist). 

And line 2 – boosted by Stepan’s return - scored twice – one by Kreider in the game’s first minute and a second by Mats Z at 19:20 of the first. 

Line 3 – Hagelin tallied one as well. 

So it’s a regulation loss – but the team, showed toughness and fight on the road and nearly stole one before our depleted defensive core gave it all away. 

What’s Next:  Well, for me – I’m going to bed – followed by a shower in the morning and ... (Editor – I think this section is about what’s next for the Rangers) (Dave Pucks – oh, right) The Rangers return to Madison Square Garden (which is actually a non-square non-garden structure) for a 6pm Sunday home game verses the Edmonton Oilers.  See youse all then.

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