Thursday, November 13, 2014

Game Night: Boyle!

I can hear it now: Glen Sather: "We lost Bryan Boyle to free agency? I'm not going to just throw away all those Boyle jerseys. Get me another Boyle!"

And so - despite the departure or our old friend "hands of stone" (last seen giving us one last lead against the LA Kings in game 5) we one again have a Boyle on the Rangers.

I mention this because Dan Boyle the veteran (read that as "old") blue liner will finally - hopefully - be making his home debut in red pants tonight as the Rangers take on the Avalanche.

Dan broke his hand in the season road opener and has been sidelined ever since. And this, honestly, is just the latest in a long line of unlucky events that have followed Boyle throughout his career.

In 2004, Dan was playing in the Stanley Cup finals for John Tortorella's Tampa Bay Lightning when an electrical fire in Boyle's home caused $300,000 in property damage.

And worse, in 2007 a pair of skates fell off a wall in the locker room hitting Dan in the arm blade-first and severing three tendons. Ouch.

But - with all that - Boyle's name is etched on the Stanley Cup. So maybe that's the kind of luck we can use around here. Dave "lucky" Pucks out.

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