Monday, August 17, 2009

Welcome aboard Captain! This is one Mess in the front office that we actually like

Glen "Slats" Sather has seen a mess or two (or twenty) in his days as the GM of the New York Rangers.

He's had a mess with the salary cap. He's had a mess with the hiring of the thug Don Brashear. He's had a mess with the ridiculously over-priced salaries of Redden and Rozsival and ... (Don't get me started). He's had a mess with the handling of Nik Zherdev. He's had a mess with the dismantling of the league leading penalty kill team of Betts and Sjostrom (and why was that done?).

But finally - Slats has finally put a new mess in the front office that we can approve of. That's because the Rangers have named Mark "Mess" Messier as Special Assistant to Glen Sather.
The move brings our Stanley Cup winning champion - our former Captain - back to the Ranger family. And for those of us who remember 1994 - Mess was the leader - the catalyst - the man who changed the team chemistry to a winner - the captain who led us into battle - the superstar who made the pledge and single-handedly made it come true. And he is the leader who brought home the Stanley Cup.

So Messier will always have a special place in our Ranger hearts.

Is this a perfect front office strategic move? Well, let's just leave the pros and cons to another day. For today - we're just feeling happy over here at BlueShirt Brothers.

The Captain is back on board.

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