Monday, August 31, 2009

Rumor: Drury for Heatley

From a story in the Ottawa Sun - a couple of pieces of earth shaking news about the Rangers and Dany Heatley.

First of all - We are Heatley's first choice. Not that it matters - but it's nice to hear. Dany's biggest problem is his lack of motivation - and if he actually wants to play hockey here - under Tortorella - we take that as a very good sign.

Second - the Senators offered Heatley to your New York Rangers during or just before the NHL draft. What did they want in return from Sather and company? Marc Stahl and (unsigned RFA) Brandon Dubinsky. And Glen mulled it over and said no. I don't know about you - but I would have thought long and hard about that one - especially with the negotiations for Brandon dragging out the way they have.

And the third blockbuster piece of news - the Senators are now asking for Chris Drury straight up for Heatley.

Well, now. We love Drury over here at Blueshirt Brothers. But - as bad as we feel saying this - we do think he's being overpaid by The Rangers. Heatley earns $7.5 million - so it's almost an even swap salary-wise. But man-oh-man can Heatley fill that net better then Chris will ever be able to.

You would lose a lot in the way of heart and character giving up Drury. But you'd pick up a lot of goals.

Imagine Heatley and Gaborik on a line together. It might not be Malkin and Crosby - but it could give us a legitimate chance to rock and roll with the big boys.

Of course - we're looking for more qualified centers now and losing Drury sends us in the opposite direction on that one. If we did get Gabby and Dany on a line together - who exactly would be feeding these guys the puck?

So - It's a tough one that Glen and Torts are chewing on right now. Think hard, men. You need to get this one right.
[Update - One of our readers correctly pointed out that Drury has a no trade provision in his contract. Quite right and I should have realized that myself. So without his permission Drury can't be traded for anyone. The Ottawa Sun story said The Rangers didn't want to part with Drury - but the truth may be that it is the other way around - Drury doesn't want to part with the Rangers. Thanks for the heads up - and keep those comments coming]


  1. And why, exactly, would Drury waive his No Movement Clause for this ?

    Heatley to the Rangers died on midnight, July 1, 2009 - when the recruiting video was hand-delivered to Gaborik.

  2. Hey Anonymous, what up?

    Good to hear from you. Very good point about Drury's no-trade contract. I'll update the entry. And next time - leave a name at the bottom of your comment so I can tell you apart from the other Anonymous commenters - you may not want to be lumped in with some of those guys.