Saturday, August 15, 2009

Authentic Rozsival Jersey - with Rozsival in it - just $5 (million)

Do you have any interest in acquiring a Michal Rozsival Jersey? The only catch is that it comes with Michal Rozsival himself wearing it. If so - and if you have $5 million to spend - you can expect Ranger GM Glen Sather to give you a call over the weekend.

Word on the street is that your New York Rangers are looking for anyone - anywhere - to take on Michal Rozsival and his $5 million dollar contract. Like Gomez - Rosy is a guy who Glen Sather just flat out over-paid, trying in vain to create a superstar out of thin air just by paying him superstar money. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way. In a a salary cap league - overpaying is a double whammy - you get a bad player and syphon off funds that could pay a better one.

So the Rangers are nominally looking for a "trade" -but really they would give the defenseman away for a pack of smokes to anyone who would pay his (insert your expletive here) salary.

We are hearing that the Dallas Stars have been getting the Glen Sather sales pitch - and that Brad Richards would be the theoretical guy coming back here for Rosey - but that so far no one is Texas is buying any of this.

Good luck Glen. We appreciate the effort. And it takes a man to admit his mistakes and try to trade them away - instead of stubbornly sticking with them in a misguided effort to prove some kind of point.
And again to all of you - if you or your neighbors want a high priced defenseman - maybe as a lawn ornament or handyman - please give MSG a call...

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