Saturday, August 8, 2009

We Finally Say The "H" Word

You know, we're a little superstitious here at BlueShirt Brothers.

And so - we didn't talk about the rumours - and there was one guy we didn't mention by name before - for fear of jinxing it.

Well, we can't take it anymore - so we're going to break radio silence (Internet silence?) and say his name:

Dany Heatley.

There. We said it. It feels good. Liberating in a way.

We want Heatley. We want Heatley skating on Marian Gaborik's line.

Heatley can score - when motivated he is a constant threat out there. He's had 50 goals twice in his career. His goals-per-shots-on-goal is an absurdly good 16% lifetime. Put him on the ice with Gaborik and they will give the other teams fits. It let's us skate with the big dogs. It let's us face the Cup Champion Penguins with Malkin and Crosby without falling back and cowering.We need someone like Heatley. But - can we get him? Can we fit him in the cap? Can we get him and fit him in the cap and get enough players under the cap to play competitive hockey?

Good question. And here in August as our minds are thinking about the weekend, Slats and Torts are working on that right now.

At least I hope they are.

[Editor's note - in our first version of this article - Dave Pucks - in an apparent drunken haze - mistakenly tabbed Heatley as a center - apologies all around for the error and thanks to one of our readers for pointing this out]


  1. Maybe you should continue. Heatley is NOT a center. You do realize that the Rangers don't have anyone to get them the puck, right? That if he arrives, Dubi is gone. And Drury is not even a 2nd line center. You're joking, right. I can't wait for the Rangers to imlement their new defensive schem with 3 Dmen and 3 right wings.

  2. Thanks for your comment - and of course - you're right - Heatley is not a center - and the Rangers would still have no one to get them the puck. Thanks for helping us out.