Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ranger Dark Side/Bright Side - Part III

Recently we played a little game we came up with called Ranger Dark Side - Bright Side. And with just the Rangers-Bruins preseason game less than 4 weeks away - check out the counter way at the bottom of this page to see the hours and minutes - we thought we should do another installment.

The idea is to explore some of those deep seated, pit-of-the-stomach fears (or complaints) you have about the upcoming Ranger team. But then - in the spirit of staying positive we'll also look at why we think those issues may not be so bad after all.

Dark Side - Letting Zherdev walk and getting nothing in return was a huge blunder. Nik is a young proven 50 point player on the upside of his career and losing him takes away a lot of the positive effect of getting Gaborik

Bright Side - evidence was showing that Nik was not going to be a 50 point player under Tortorella. As the kind of player who can take a night off and disappear for shifts or games at a time - he sets a bad example for the rest of the team and hurt team spirit. At the arbitrator's $3.9 million he is no bargain. We think the Rangers can spend that money better elsewhere. And admitting Nik was a mistake and moving on is a very positive sign from Sather.

Dark Side - hiring Donald Brashear - a classless thug and bully - after what he did to Blair Betts is a bad ethical move for the Rangers and sends a terrible message.

Bright Side - Like it or not - physical intimidation is a part of hockey. And as long as that is true you can either defend your players or leave them out there unprotected, swivel-headed, and on edge. The Rangers are looking to protect their stars this year - and that's a good thing.

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