Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ranger Admits Cocaine Use

That was the headline I saw this morning - but of course it was the Texas Rangers' manager Ron Washington - not the New York Rangers. So, for John Tortorella - there is still no official explanation for why he acts the way he does.

A lot of us were happy to see the Captain Chris Drury finally (!) speak up - calling out his fellow Rangers for the "immaturity" on the ice that led to their total domination by Montreal on Tuesday. Did the coach step up to support his captain? No.

"I think that's the wrong word to use," Torts told reporters yesterday. "We've ironed that out in the locker room". It would have been nice to hear the coach support his captain - but that is not what we're seeing this year.

There are 12 games to go in this hockey season and all reasonable hope of catching the streaking Montreal Canadiens collapsed in a 3-1 home loss that could easily have been 6-1 without the heroics of Henrik Lundqvist. Montreal is in 6th now and climbing.

So, instead - we've got to set our sights on 8th place. The Boss-town Bruins are 3 points ahead of us with a game at hand. There is nothing left to do but give our best effort to catch them and hope to claw our way into the tournament and a playoff rematch with the Washington Capitals.

The Penguins play the Bruins tonight while we take on the St. Louis Blues. And then on Sunday - we play the Brians in Boston. You know what I'm thinking - but you won't catch me in a classic Pre-hatched Poultry Assumption Error again - so let's take this one day at a time.

St. Louis is 32-28-9, a record similar to, but better than our own (31-30-9). But is the wild Western conference, the Blues 73 points are only good enough for 11th place.

It is a winable game - a home game - and a must game. We need goals - we need intensity - and we need to win a hockey game. So, come on fellas - think about that Blue Jersey you're pulling on tonight. Summon up some pride and - yes Chris - some maturity.

So, tonight, Let's hit. Let's defend. Let's compete. In other words - Let's go, Rangers, before it's to late to go anywhere.

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