Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A New Hope

You want my last best scenario for the Rangers to sneak into the playoffs? Here it is:

Forget the Bruins. The Flyers have lost their goalie and 5 of their last 6 hockey games. The Rangers trail them by 8 big points with 10 to play and a game at hand. If we can somehow – some way – get ourselves to three points back with two left to play – those last two games will be a home-and-home between your Rangers and Philadelphia. Then - sweep those two games and we're in.

Sounds easy.

But – before we can get any kind of hope going – we need to win a hockey game.

And tonight – we have a hockey game on the schedule. Our opponents: The hated ones. The New York Islanders – just three points behind us – in 14th place – are loving the opportunity to kick us when we're down.

Nobody asked me - but let's start Auld in goal tonight. We have to play the Devils tomorrow and I'd rather have Lundqvist rested for that one. And Auld went through all the rouble of getting this cool helmet made, honoring three former Ranger goalies. And he's good. Let the guy start a game.

The other thing - this has a side-show addition – the 3D. Cablevision – in an attempt to establish their cable domination – has made tonight struggle between two NHL non-playoff teams into the first ever 3D broadcast of a regular season sporting event – or something like that.

Dave Puck's Mom's big screen TV – purchased recently to encourage Puck's Junior to visit Grandma – is unfortunately not seem to be 3D ready. And it seems a little dumb to me to travel to Madison Square Garden to see a 3D version of a game that is taking place in real life on the same block.

So - tonight I will do as I've done since I was a kid -squinting at a black and white TV image of Rod Gilbert in the 1970s. Tonight I will boldly go - to my couch and watch the Rangers in two glorious dimensions. And for the sake of all that is good and holy on this earth - win a game, guys.


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