Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Isles try for the dagger - take 2.

9 days ago the Rangers had suffered a devastating loss to the Bruins - and our playoff hopes were teetering on the brink. And our next opponent was the hated Islanders - a team that would like nothing better than to crush our post season dreams once and for all.

Well we won that game - and the next one the next night against the Devils as well. But then of course we screwed the pooch but got a point against the last place Maple Leafs after leading 2-0.
We're not out of it yet - but we're still in 10th place. And time is growing shorter and shorter.

So tonight - once again - the New York Islanders have a chance to finish us off. For a second time - they can take a shot at driving a dagger into the heart of our season.

And believe you me, they know this and it is the one circled game left in the 'slanders playoff-less season.

So our heros better be ready tonight - because the ambush is waiting and the trap is set.

A "Must" game for us? Well, yeah - They all are now.

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