Friday, March 12, 2010

De-Seaning Sean – Rangers Scratch Avery

I wrote this morning that I thought John Tortorella was torqued off at Sean Avery - and it was true. The latest news is that Tortorella has scratched Sean Avery from tonight’s game. I’m stunned and confused. And so is Sean. To his credit – when interviewed he said all the right stuff:

When told that Coach Tortorella said that Avery is not engaged enough in all facets of the game - Sean replied:

I don’t know. You have to talk to him about that. I’ll figure out exactly what that is and instill it in my game

For me – Dave Pucks – we are now full circle. It was just about a year ago that the Rangers re-acquired Avery – and I was so pumped I started this Blog. Now - a year has gone by – the Rangers are fighting for a playoff spot again – and apparently the Rangers would rather have waiver-man Lisin in the lineup than Sean.

It seems to me that Tortorella has been working all year to de-Sean Sean – to make Avery as un-Avery-like as possible. And now – they’re so unhappy with the result of their actions that they scratch him from the lineup.

In positive news – just take a look at Auld’s new helmet (pictured above). That is a depiction of steady Eddie Giacomin and John Davidson’s masks on one side and Mike Richer hoisting the cup on the other side. I love this – and I have to say – this looks like the actions of a goaltender that would love to play here. I really hope Tortorella gets him back out there soon.

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