Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Blueshirt Brothers

On March 9th 2009 we started it off with SEAN! - a post about how happy we were that Sean Avery had returned to the New York Rangers. And one year later, with this 717th post we can wish ourselves a happy birthday.

Since then we've been here almost every day - talking Ranger Hockey with you guys - and loving every minute of it.

My sincere thanks to all of you for reading – because without you I'm just typing in the dark.

Anyway - with the season winding down - the Rangers off today - and the playoff push heating up - it is time to start watching the scoreboard again.

Islanders at Flyers - I think we root Slanders here - Philly is 5 points up on us and the Islanders 7 behind. Philly is a team we're chasing and could catch.

Boston at Toronto - we root Maple Leafs - we're chasing Boston.

Nashville at Atlanta - we root Country Music town - Atlanta is on our heels

Tampa Bay at Montreal - the Lightning are chasing us and we're both chasing the Canadians. So we root Tampa - cautiously.

Those are the NHL games that matter to us at Blueshirt Brothers tonight.

And - if anyone remembers - its time to root "NOOT" again. NOOT means No OverTime - which means - when 2 rival teams play in our division play each other - let's have regulation wins - not OT games where both sides get points.

And one last item - my 11 year old son - Pucks Jr. is in the semi finals of his floor hockey league tonight. I will rooting like crazy for that one (while trying not to embarrass myself or my son in the process).

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